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M3Tech has been known for its innovative Telecom Solutions. These solutions have been state of the art with the extensive compatibility and capability. M3Tech takes pride in providing the Content and Quality that has been unmatched in the Market. Our global experiencing of managing over 200 brands in different countries gives us the leverage of replicating the successful cases in local market. Think Mobile, Think M3Tech!

M3Tech has been successfully publishing, hosting and managing all conceivable mobile content on different mobile platforms like STKs, DSTKs, WAP, SMS, IVR , RBTs and Web etc with ample collection and wide range of compelling in-house and copyrighted content.

Our in-house smartly designed content MIS or CMP (Content Management Platform) is flexible enough to host all variety of mobile content including but not limited to:

  • a) Picture Messages
  • b) Monophonic ringtones
  • c) Polyphonic ringtones
  • d) True tones
  • e) Video Clips
  • f) Wallpapers
  • g) Animations
  • h) Greeting Cards
  • i) Full length Song Audio/Video
  • j) Java Games
  • k) Different Java based applications

M3Tech’s info-services portal is one of the most comprehensive ones in the region. Along with offering copyrighted and authentic news from leading news agencies of the world like AFP etc, our info-services host the news from financial world, technology arena, political grounds, sports happening and off-course entertainment.

Providing round the clock SMS based breaking news to prayer’s and stock alerts naming just few of our info-services. The categories we offer info-services in go beyond 100!!

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) allows richer data traffic than SMS and since our CMP (Content Management Platform) is already hosting an always expanding mobile based multimedia contents; the simple yet persuasive GUI in form of WAP site for mobile users allows them to browse through multimedia contents in different categories and download the just compatible version on their mobile just a few click and enjoy excellent user experience.

Our WAP solutions also host unlimited range of interactive infotainment contents, engaging quizzes, games and live coverage for sports events.

The Web component of our solutions is always an edge and just another window for the customers to set their preferences for different Value Added Services and also do comparatively richer browsing for the desired mobile based content.

As long as the mobile content integration on Web is concerned, they are displaying on Web portal and dynamically controlled by our in-house developed content management platform (CMP).

To make it an ultimately successful user experience and to catch their (Customers) attention for longer time, our WEB portals along with SMS & WAP components provide you content syndication over social networking sites and blogs to give you the fully integrated approach and a certain edge.




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