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SMS Gateway

M3Tech SMS Gateway provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions for diversified industry verticals offering enterprise-level connectivity with all major mobile network operators over 175 global networks.

The capability of M3 Business solutions offers a breakthrough to develop SMS as a business solution tool with wide application. Through these business solutions, the mobile phone user is able to extract his personal updated data directly from any business solution subscribed via a personal secured identification code. Interactive SMS can be used in various different environments including securities, insurance, freight forwarding, retail plus many other business scenarios that require one(1) and two (2) way communication between corporations and their customers/subscribers.

SMS Gateway
  • Leverage M3Tech Advantage to penetrate local market
  • Managed service delivery and international Customer Support
  • Innovative services made possible through Strategic Alliances
  • Synergetic Network of Service Suppliers, Content Providers and Delivery Channels
  • Cost-Competitive Service Offerings
  • Quick Time-To-Launch and Time-To-Remove Services
  • One-stop Wireless Application Service Provider Platform

SMS Gateway Features

  • Information/promotional Messages
  • Push/pull Messages
  • Shortcode Acquisition & Management
  • Dedicated/shared Shortcodes
  • Multiple Tariff Plans
  • Sms Volume Discounts
  • Open Interfaces (APIs)
  • Integration With Applications
  • Gateway Customization
  • Campaigns Engine
  • Integrated Offering
    • Call Centers
    • IVR Setups
    • Web Component
  • International Messages (500 Global Networks)
  • Web Based Interface
  • Phonebook Management
  • Auto Message Setup
  • Pre-defined Message Formats