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Feeling paranoid and insecure over Mobile banking and m-Commerce vulnerability? Find difficulty typing specific commands on a cumbersome mobile keypad? SmartPay SMS is your solution.

Evolving from the powerful Entropicly Secured system, SmartPay SMS offers an elegant solution designed to achieve ATM-like user-friendliness for Mobile Banking and m-Commerce.

Why M3TECH SmartPay?

  • SmartPay SMS Mobile Banking and m-Commerce solutions employ a revolutionary and State-of-the-Art
    Mirrored Entropy e-Security technology
  • SmartPay SMS ensures that every transaction is secured with perpetually changing codes used in a
    random and unpredictable manner.
  • SmartPay SMS is a JavaTM application designed for over 300 mobile handsets. It works independently of Service Providers, enabling worldwide and cross-border usage.
  • The SmartPay SMS Security solution employs proven and tested encryption algorithms and customizable key strengths to stay perpetually ahead of code breakers and hackers.
  • SmartPay provides super-safeguarded transactions while stored on a phone, transmitted over the air, or in SMCs, offering Infallible Secrecy @ Your Fingertips!


M-Transaction Issues Description SmartPay
Authentication means to confirm that the User is who he says he is! Three factor Authentication:
1| MSISDN Confirmation 2| PIN Verification
3| Password Protected App
Privacy means to ensure that the communication is private & difficult to eavesdrop Application is Password protected and no account information is stored
Integrity means to ensure that the communicated data cannot be tampered in transit Highly secure patented time bound encryption
Non-Repudiation means to ensure confirmation of transaction by the User PIN insertion by User along with confirmation in the application for transaction sending. Logs maintained at Application, Gateway & Bank Server