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Mobile Content

Development & Aggregation

In order to attain the status of Asia's premier mobile content services provider M3Tech has setup a state of the art in-house mobile content production facility. M3Tech's content development team comprises of highly skilled resource base geographically disbursed in 3 countries including Malaysia, Pakistan and China & HongKong. This diversification of content production team enhances M3Tech's ability to deliver customized local content for precise needs of different market segments with different cultures and entertainment preferences.

M3Tech's comprehensive multi-regional content development teams have unmatched experience of managing some of the largest mobile content platforms of mobile operators of international repute. M3Tech's expertise has also been accredited by different mobile operators who are relying on M3Tech's team for aggregation of multiple VAS platforms in different regions. M3Tech's localized content teams provide in depth analysis to network operators on consumer content preferences, and are backed up by highly scalable content aggregation systems for managing content, billing as well as content delivery of different content providers.


M3Tech has the privilege to introduce copyrighted contents on mobile platform in UAE, hence becoming the trend setter in giving royalty to related stakeholders i.e. sound labels and serving the music industry. From the day one M3Tech has endeavored in acquiring the copyrights of different audio and video properties of UAE and has the ties with leading Music Labels such as Sound Master, Music World, Sonic, Heera and FRS etc. To name just a few.