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The Revolution

"Mobility is transforming every aspect of our personal and working lives, changing day-to-day lifestyles and enriching a multitude of experiences. M3Tech believes that consumer demand for quicker, better and faster communications through converging media will further increase the need for access to information and services any time, anywhere and in any format. M3Tech intends to be at the forefront of making this possible by enabling global mobile solutions for enterprises and merchants anywhere, via any access method, in any format and across any transaction channel"
With over 2.2 Billion people around the world now using a mobile phone, one may be permitted to perceive that the communications revolution that is transforming global economies is already taken place. However, with 4.2 billion people still not having access to a mobile phone, it is our view that the mobile revolution has just begun. The main opportunities present are to add more subscribers in developing markets and on the other hand offer high speed data mobile internet services and applications to further grow revenues in developed markets.

M3Tech believes that the mobile data services market is still in its infancy and we are around the corner from a major mobile internet services revolution transforming the way we work and live. M3Tech is at the forefront of making this revolution possible by enabling mobile messaging, billing, content and service management solutions for brands across different vertical markets delivering Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Marketing & Mobile Business Solutions. Being connected while on the move is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity in the new information society, and this in turn has sparked a revolution.

We invite you to come and experience the mobile revolution with M3Tech.